Following The Trump Presidency

Donald J Trump won the U.S. Presidential election by 290 to 232 electoral votes. His victory surprised many and is, perhaps, poised to create one of the most unique presidential administrations in recent history.  From controversial advisers like Steve Brennan to figuring out how to deal with some very challenging promises, we will have much to digest and keep track of.


Being President of the US is not about the next deal. As emotionally charged has it may be, it is not even about keeping a single factory open, or specific jobs in a given location. The president must look to the horizon, weigh all things for the long haul and make very difficult decisions that will be unpopular. It is about leadership.

So far, Donald Trump has focused on attention and accolades. The real test of his presidency will come when he must help Americans understand the long term need for short term sacrifices. We use to be a nation that understood this concept. It is a foundation for future growth. We'll see if Donald  Trump can be as good a leader as he claims to be a deal maker.

Since Trump's election, people have been pointing the finger of blame. From calling out non-voters, to third party candidates, to the Clinton campaign, there are no shortage of targets. But, Trump is the next US President. He got elected by tapping into the angst of the working white Americans. 

Trump's ascension came with a lot of promises to the working class. From "lock her up" to "build that wall" to "bring jobs back" and many more, his promises motivated a base of eager voters. They believe Donald Trump will deliver.

His phase "believe me" is often repeated and frequently mocked. But, it was taken to heart by his supporters. These are not the empty political promises of a politician, they are those of a man many believe will change Washington and deliver what he says. His supporters dismiss a track record of sexism (supported by recordings of him admitting sexual assault), courting racists and alt-right, as well as his willingness to stiff small business people and then brag about it as "smart business." Some supporters deny these things, others say you have to accept the bad with the good, and still others honestly believe Trump is God's instrument for change making all else immaterial. They believe him.

He got elected by making promises that were not supposed to simply be empty campaigning, but sincere goals. We'll see how this plays out.



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