Are there no facts?

Donald Trump continues to tweet unsubstantiated garbage, either his own thoughts or re-tweeting 16 year olds. It’s garbage.

We were hoping that he would stop acting like a spoiled little brat whose parents have told him everything he says and does is gold. But, it seems that even the office of the President can not impress upon him the need for facts. He now blames his juvenile lack of control on the press.

“If the press would cover me accurately & honorably, I would have far less reason to “tweet.” Sadly, I don’t know if that will ever happen!” – Donald Trump

His surrogates have gone on to say that they don’t know if what he says isn’t true and that there are really no such things as ‘facts’. It’s all perception.  With regard to false statements, Pence says “it’s his (Donald’s) right.” He calls the statement an opinion. It’s not. It is a FALSE statement of wrong “facts.”

“I don’t know that that is a false statement.”

Scottie Nell Hughes:  “No such things as facts”.  Audio only.

The notion that Trump is simply “non-traditional” is like saying arsenic is just another food.

Sorry Scottie, rationalizing stupid people’s desire to believe anything Trump says as proof his lies are “facts” is complete nonsense.  Over and over again his statements have been proven to be false.

In the face of this reality, his supporter have gone from asserting that he is not lying and others are misinterpreting his message (an argument which finally fell apart), to now saying that there are no such things as facts; there are only opinions, therefore Trump could not possibly be lying.

At some point this detachment from reality is going to get very dangerous. A president who disregards the reality of the world’s issues is going to make lethal mistakes. A derogatory comment about Trump from some world leader can easily become a national security threat to the US. In any other time this would be a far fetch assertion. Not any more. With Trump’s twisted opinions now being asserted as facts, his hyper sensitive and juvenile mind can lead us nowhere good.


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