Clinton Joins Green Party WI Recount Challenge

The Wisconsin recount is on and Clinton jumps onboard. Her campaign also signaled that they want to be represented in all three states, WI, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

While the Clinton camp does not think the results will change, she wants to be represented in the process. Jill Stein raises over $5MM (and counting) and now the Clinton machine jumps on. This appears to be one of those political “just for show” efforts, as Clinton does not anticipate the recount to change the results of the 2016 election. 

No surprise, but Trump unleashed a Trump Twitter Tirade.

Trump Twitter Tirade 1

Trump Twitter Tirade 2

Trump Twitter Tirade 3

Trump Twitter Tirade 4

Trump Twitter Tirade 5

Trump Twitter Tirade 6

While it is the right of the Green Party and Democrats to petition for recounts, and not terribly uncommon, if there is no belief that the results will change, this seems a distraction from moving forward.

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