Donald Trump Memes from the 2016 Election

Donald Trump Memes


During this election there have been more Donald Trump memes than we can count. Some were pretty nasty, many were very funny... unless you don't have a sense of humor. We've collected some memes and will add more. If you see some you like that are not here, add them to the comments.

michelle loses job to immigrant!

Immigrants Meme

Illegal immigrants bring drugs, crime, and rapist.

Yeah, We know.


Bribe Meme

Trust me...politicians are corrupt. I bribe every one I meet.


Media Paid Meme

Think I can't get Mexico to fund the wall? Well I got the media to fund my campaign! Checkmate!


Womanizer meme

So let me get this straight.... My wife's campaign strategy is to portray Trump as a womanizer?


3rd Wife meme

Donald Trump will never let you down! Says Donald Trump's 3rd wife.


Creating jobs Meme

People are being paid to protest my rallies. I'm not even President yet, and I'm already creating jobs!!!