Energy Secretary – Rick Perry

Rick Perry for D.O.E.

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas and carbon energy proponent is Trumps pick to lead the Department of Energy. Setting the irony aside (re 2012 election “oops”), Rick Perry is an unusual pick to lead the energy department.

One wonders if Donald Trump realizes the actual nature of the department. The majority of the work conducted in the department has to do with nuclear energy, in particular nuclear weapons. Rick Perry has neither the experience nor the educational background to deal with these issues (prior heads of the department are MIT & Stanford Physicist and Nobel Prize winners).  This is not a political appointment as much as it is a scientific position.

The driving force behind Donald Trump’s decision is likely Rick Perry’s shared perspective on global warming… He believes it is made up, fake. As the DOE has a segment of its work focused on alternative energy sources, Perry’s oil-focused perspective , which aligns with Trump’s, does not bode well for forward looking energy sources.

We understand the Donald Trump believes in more extraction in U.S. territory, but the appointment of Rick Perry places the focus on oil to the exclusion of all else the Department of Energy does.


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