Lock up Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton not locked up

Through chants of “lock her up” and a promise to have the AG appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and send her to jail, Donald Trump road this promise right through the election.

Well, Trump changed his mind. After riding the wave of voter sentiment all the way through his¬†election, he now says he will not do what he said he would. Sound’s like a politician to us. He got the votes and now turns his back on the voters.

We agree that there should be no special prosecutor. We just wonder how all those people who believed him and his surrogates are rationalizing this lie.

His mouth pieces are trying to justify this from the Trump Perspective:
From Campaign Manager and now advisor, to congressmen, and “news personalities”, this backtracking from “locker her up” does smack of going back on a ‘campaign promise’. Conway even goes so far as to (again) call Hillary a liar as she is justifying Trump’s campaign lie.


Megyn Kelly, got to love that she doesn’t hold back on Congressman Duffy.

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