Sean Spicer Wastes First Press Conference Starts On Foolish Topic

Sean Spicer Bitching

One would think you could not waste the time of a first press conference any more foolishly than by arguing about the size of the crowds at the inauguration.

But Spicer took it to a crazy ridiculous level… he lied about it.

Then, on top of that, Kellyanne Conway classified is lies as “alternative facts”.

When challenged about Spicer’s lies, she not only through out “alternative facts”, she also issued a thinly veiled threat to cut of the press:

“…if we are going to keep referring to our press secretary in those terms, I think we are going to have to reevaluate our relationship here.”

Kellyanne Conway is minimizing the lies. She tries to divert attention from their lies. She is a ridiculously imorale. She wants the press to focus on the big issues, but the administration places its focus on the small stuff. When challenged on Spicer’s choice of topic, Conway becomes belligerent.

The Press Secretary in not speaking for a candidate. He is speaking for us. He is lying to us. This is a very poor start for the new White House.

Kellyanne Conway may be great for a campaigning candidate. But, as a representative of the President, and by extension, the American people, she is out of place and out of her league.  The press must challenge the lies (stop calling them false hoods, this President doesn’t like political correctness).  Her dogged determination to justify and reclassify lies is beneath this country.


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