Senator Cotton and GOP can’t stop the political nonsense

cotton latest to go after Obama on Russia

This is the political bullshit Americans are sick and tired of hearing from Washington. Cotton coming out and denouncing the administration for being too late in taking action is the same divisive political crap that has kept Washington in gridlock for 8 years. Even as the administration is winding down, morons like Cotton can’t stop playing the non-productive game.

If the Obama administration had done anything prior to the election, the GOP would have said it was interfering with the election (and it would have been right). If the administration had taken action before all the senior GOP congressional members were brought on board and denounced Russia, Cotton would be going after the administration for taking action without consulting Congressional Republican leadership. Cotton is a political hack.

And now Cotton is saying that he looks forward to working with the incoming administration to deal with Russia’s interference in the election.

If it were up to Trump, our State Department would be sending Putin a box of chocolates and flowers.  It is clear from statement after statement that Trump is discounting the intelligence, and criticizing the administration for taking any action at all.

If there is any target for Cotton’s indignation, it is his own Party’s incoming President who has chosen Russia’s Putin over all of the American agencies and leadership, including the GOP. Trump is the leader who is trying to minimized and even completely reject the evidence (that virtually everyone one else in leadership accepts) of Russian interference.

Cotton is being pathetic. There is no longer anything to gain by pushing this partisan agenda.

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