The fight is not about politics. It is about Policy, and was predictable.

Trump Executive order signing

People are getting tired of all the politics on social media. They want others to stop posting about the president and about the things he says or does.

What they fail to comprehend is that this is no longer about politics. Those empty days of meaningless, yet easy, arguing are done.

It is now about Policy.

It is about the very rules and laws that govern what we are allowed to do and not do.

It is about policies that limit our access to information or our ability to share it.

Politics is about what candidates say. Policy is about what Presidents do.

Donald Trump is doing exactly what he said. For this he deserves credit. We are accustomed to politicians who promise all sorts of things who then become office holders that seem to forget. Donald is the exception.


As promised, he is pushing forward on a pipeline to transfer Canadian oil from the top of our country to the bottom, allowing it to be shipped out to other countries around the world. Long term, other countries get the oil, Canada gets the profits (and 3K permanent jobs) and we get the risk of transferring oil cross our country.

As promised, he is banning Muslims who need our help; seven countries that have not produced one attacker on the U.S. yet have millions of women and children devastated by war, are precluded from seeking our help (several countries that have produced terrorists are exempt from the order). Legal immigrants who made a life in the United States for the past 5, 10 , 15 years, who are traveling abroad, are being refused re-entry; effectively deported.

As promised (partially), the ACA was gutted from a regulatory perspective. The executive branch told the various agencies to, in an uncoordinated way, not enforce the parts of the ACA they deem too burdensome on the states, carriers or people. Effectively there is no law of the land anymore. Regulators, at their own whim, have the authority to impose or ignore any part of the ACA. We now have the regulatory equivalent of the repeal, but no replacement.

These, and others, were campaign rhetoric that so many Trump supporters cheered enthusiastically, Trump “acceptors” listened to passively, and anti-Trump folks criticized so vehemently. At the time it was an argument over philosophy.

If you agree with these actions, you are in a good place with the president.

If you disagree, you are likely vocal as the promises now become policy.

If you were simply accepting Trump’s rhetoric and ideas as the “price of change,” you have it. You have change. We elected a man who is doing what, perhaps, you did not expect. He is carrying out his promises.

It is a wonder that one could have voted for Donald Trump with no expectation that his policies would be opposed as strongly as his promises.

If you agree with Trump then support him. Have the power of your convictions. You expended a lot of energy to elect him, so don’t abandon him now.

If you voted for Trump as a protest against Hillary, you can still oppose his individual policies. You can still be supportive of those at risk of losing health care, of children whose homes have been bombed, of Americans truly concerned about their environment; if you care.

If you thought that everything just came to a head on election day and would end there, then you sadly misunderstood the scope of change Donald Trump represented. Your annoyance at the vocal opposition is the price for your ignorance.

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