Trump Team admits not knowing the intelligence on Russia while denouncing it

Putin and Russian Hacking

Donald Trump is on record saying he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings. He says he is a smart guy and they are a waste of his time.

He goes further to completely discount the intelligence on Russia.

He has seen it and disagrees with the intelligence agencies. He disagrees with the GOP leaders in Congress, and not surprisingly he disagrees with the White House. He has gone so far this past weekend to tell us that on Tuesday or Wednesday this week he will tell us what he knows that no one else does, thereby justifying his skepticism of the findings on Russia.

Now, he and his press secretary are telling people that they (Trump and the team) don’t actually know what the intelligence community has and will meet with them this coming week to learn.

We understand that Donald Trump would not openly back action against Russia if he did not know what the intelligence information contained. That would be prudent.

But that is not what he and his staff are doing. They are denouncing the intelligence and the U.S. response to it in one breath, then in the next breath saying that they will learn what it is this week and judge the appropriateness of the response.

In the absence of knowledge, smart people keep quiet, listen, and learn. We strongly encourage The incoming administration to either keep up with the briefings or wait until they catch up before they pass judgement.

Sean Spicer stating they will “learn” what the intelligence community knows this week at a briefing to bring Donald Trump up to speed.

We are reminded, with this latest “I’ll tell you later” that Donald Trump has repeatedly justified his behavior today with promises to share his information later… which doesn’t happen.

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