Trumps actions on intelligence & personal security have troubling implications

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Trumps actions have unpleasant historical similarities

The Russian Hacking controversy Is another Trump Screen

The real reason for Trump’s continued denouncement of the U.S. Intelligence community over Russia may simply be to set the stage to scrap the agencies and put in place his own people.

It has been a wonder why Trump would be so adamant about Russia not being at the heart of the U.S. hacking scandal. Contradicting the entire U.S. Intelligence community, the GOP leadership and the administration for no apparent gain. His position is further called into question by is reliance on Julian Assange’s statement that Russia didn’t hand him the information; Assange has been shown to produce doctored and even fabricated emails. Absent full access to the intelligence, Trump’s out of hand and complete rejection of the Russian connection has no grounds.

We would accept that Donald Trump may refrain from supporting U.S. action absent full knowledge of the information underpinning and supporting the action. However, his embrace of Putin as the victim, reliance on Assange as proof and a complete disregard for literally every American source, perspective and opinion strains credulity.

It now comes out that Trump wants to completely revamp the intelligence apparatus in the U.S. on the grounds that it is too politicized. This position simply flies in the face of the facts; leaders from both sides of the aisle who have seen the information provided to date support the U.S. action. It is actually one of the least political actions taken in the past 18 months.

One can only surmise that Donald Trump has had an ulterior motive for this seemingly unsupportable position all along. He wants to put people in place who will agree with him rather than the facts. He has a long history of dismissing, demonizing and attacking those who do not fall in line with his opinions. An intelligence community that would expose Russia’s activity while Donald Trump is trying to curry favor with Putin goes against his desires. The facts do not fit his worldview, therefore he wants people who will ‘mold the facts’ accordingly.

Insulating himself with personal security
Compounding the concern of trying to put his own people in the intelligence community, is Trump’s push to supplant the Secret Service with his own private security detail. There are legitimate concerns around dividing the chain of command for presidential security. So, one must question why Trump feels the need to put his own personnel between himself the the Secret Service.

The U.S. Secret Service is considered to be the best in the world. From vetting, training and commanding the agents to integration with local, national and international law enforcement, one cannot make any reasonable argument that the private detail will be superior to the Secret Service.

The Secret Service is dedicated to Presidential security, and also sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The private security detail is loyal only to Trump, not to the office of President. Surrounding himself with people whose loyalty is first and foremost to him and not the U.S. creates doubt as to his actions.

In history, there is precedence for leaders to shed government agencies and have their own bodyguards; the precedence is not good.

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