Trump’s Conflict of Interest Not Fixable

trump tower

Donald Trump’s conflict of interests can not be addressed by dissolving his foundation or divesting his assets. The conflicts go way beyond his individual investments. They are associated with his economic status and class.

Trump’s cabinet is comprised of billionaires. The advice he receives and the policies he will create will be designed by and for the wealthy. This is simply the reality in which we live.

What is good for billionaires and what is good for the middle class are very different. If it were otherwise, the middle class would have risen right along with the wealthiest. That did not happen. As the millionaires turned into billionaires, they increased the wealth difference between themselves and everyone else. Taxes and regulations, despite the rhetoric, have favored the wealthy significantly over the rest of America.

Trump and his family are not benefited by favors to an individual company; that is a screen to the real issue. The class in which Donald Trump lives is benefited by broad policies which help the wealthy through favorable tax policies and loopholes the rest of America cannot access. Whether Trump divests himself or not, his self interests will be served by the policies he pursues not the individual companies the federal government favors.

Conflicts of interest are too broad for most people to recognize and certainly seem to elude the general media. While they focus on the Trump foundation, Trump builds a cabinet that will lead the charge for conditions even more favorable to the wealthy class in America. The conflicts are not those of an individual but those of a ruling class.

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