Trumps Taiwan call is not about strategy but ignorance

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Taiwan Call is not about strategy, but ignorance

A funny thing happened on the way to the inauguration, Donald got call from President Tsai… and everyone freaked.

On the left (and middle) diplomats and government officials were up in arms when Trump tweeted about the call from President Tsai.  They were greatly concerned that the political and economic balance we have been able to strike with China over their sovereignty related to Taiwan vs Taiwan’s push for recognition as it’s own nation was now at risk. By taking the call and referring Tsai as “President” (which she is),  he was breaking from the mutual understanding between the US and China.

On the right as voiced by Fox in the particularly testosterone drive argument of F the world, they are calling this the right strategic move. Recognize Tsai as a democratically elected official in an independent state and tell China to get over it. It must be nice to believe that being a dick has no consequence.  

China, for its part,  called Tsai’s move ‘petty’ and stated its confidence that Trump would not break from the one-China policy that has been in place since the 70’s. In a not so veiled threat, China’s diplomats made it clear that any steps to recognize Taiwan as more than a Chinese province would cause such a crisis as to consume all of Trump’s time, leaving no room to focus on other issues. In what hear as an almost mocking tone, the Chinese said, “We believe this is not something the shrewd Trump wants to do.”

Here is the funny part… this was not a strategic move at all. We have now doubt that, until the shit storm hit, Trump didn’t even know there were tensions related to Taiwan. No doubt he was simply flattered that yet another president was calling him to kiss-up. And, in typical Trump narcissistic fashion, he had to Tweet about it as if to say “look at me, everyone loves me” (he can’t distinguish between the office and the person).  

While the pundits and diplomats ponder the strategic wisdom of this call, all Trump can think of is that somebody else likes him.  This is his first time at the adult table and he still doesn’t know which fork to use.,

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