Tump victory being Challenged by Jill Stein

Green party candidate Jill Stein

Green party candidate Jill Stein set a goal to raise $2m to challenge the vote counts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. After reports of irregularities in the electronic voting, some have questioned the accuracy of the counts. As the key states, they were in contention on November 8th.

Though her goal was $2mm, she has raised over $4mm according to NBC. Now the new goal is $7MM, stating that it will cover the filing fees and cost for recounts. Makes one wonder what she thought she was going to do with $2MM if they needed $7MM. She is now stating that funds may go to other activities to promote fair elections.

In the first reported request for a Recount, The Wisconsin Elections Commission announced they are starting the process.

“The Commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States, as requested by these candidates,” Haas said.

“We have assembled an internal team to direct the recount, we have been in close consultation with our county clerk partners, and have arranged for legal representation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice,” Haas said. “We plan to hold a teleconference meeting for county clerks next week and anticipate the recount will begin late in the week after the Stein campaign has paid the recount fee, which we are still calculating.”




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